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Relationships and crowdfunding: is it okay to crowdfund your wedding

When a relationship grows into something more special, a wedding is not far behind. From dating to the wedding, a couple will go through the stages, both positive and not ones that will finally lead to marriage. Dating can start from friendship while some people find their future spouses on dating sites. If you want to search for a date from these online dating sites, it is best to read reviews like wellhello review as the review like this one will help you find the right site to sign up with.
When dating becomes a beautiful relationship, getting into marriage is only a matter of time. However, a wedding can be expensive. Therefore, couples would resort to different ways to gather funds for their wedding. Some couples consider crowdfunding as an excellent source of funds for their wedding. Crowdfunding can be accessed through online sites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and IndieGoGo. These sites will show the purpose of the event or post and ask people to donate or give money to fund it. Though this is a smart move as you can get funds for your wedding from worldwide sources, it is still not a good idea for several reasons.

Why Crowdfunding for a Wedding is No-No

• Crowdfunding is created for charity
If you would put up your wedding post in a crowdfunding site and see that it is filled with charity-related posts, then you might not feel good about it. There are people who use crowdfunding sites to get funds to treat people with life-threatening illnesses, which is more important than just a wedding.
• Funds will be uncertain
If you rely on crowdfunding alone for your wedding, then you will not be sure how much you can get and when you will get enough funds. This will leave your wedding uncertain on the details and even the date.
• It might appear offensive for others
While others are using crowdfunding for charity or for lifesaving purposes, asking for money for your wedding through crowdfunding sites could offend other people. You might even get bashed for it.

What can you do instead?

• Extend the engagement
If your funds are not yet enough for the wedding, then it is better to extend the engagement until you have saved the needed funds for it. You can save money until it is enough for the wedding. There is no need to rush the wedding if you do not yet have enough money for it.
• Borrow money
If you want your wedding to happen soon, but your funds are not enough, then you can borrow money from friends and family. This is a better choice as you need not ask money from other people you do not know.

A wedding is such a momentous event for the couple and their families. However, money is always a factor to make this event happen in a very special way. Before thinking of crowdfunding to get funds for your wedding, it is better to look for other ways like saving for it or asking from people close to you. Make your wedding special by keeping positive vibes flowing to it.