When the time comes to create animated explainer videos for your business, you’ll be faced with three choices; create them yourself, use your in-house team to create them or hire one of the best companies to make explainer videos. If you have a reasonable budget, time is of the essence for you, and you’re looking to produce a top-quality animated explainer video that guarantees results, it’s a good idea to choose an animated video production company. But with so many animated video production companies out there advertising a huge array of features, it can be overwhelming to choose the best. But these tips will set you on the right path to choosing the best:

Look at your budget to make animated explainer videos

Different companies charge different rates for producing an explainer video. Choose one depending on your budget. But know that low-priced video production companies tend to create low quality animated explainer videos. Experts recommend that you get out the money and get the best-animated explainer videos that will guarantee greater ROI in a shorter timeframe.

Communication is paramount when choosing video production company to create your animated explainer videos

Establishing smooth communication will guarantee desired results. You know your brand better than anyone else, so the video production company must keep you apprised during the entire explainer video production process. Even before the production process, the video production company must organize a sit-down with you to come up with a script that reflects your brand. If a video production company is not involving you in any way in the production process, that’s not the right one for you.

Experience and expertise in making animated explainer videos

You don’t want to hire an amateur to make your animated explainer videos. You want a team that has a high-level of expertise and has been doing this for years. To ascertain this, ask for their license and documents to show when they started operations. Also, ask for references to know the clients they have worked for. You can talk to each reference through the phone, or visit their offices to authenticate the information. If the data checks out, you can consider the video production company. If it doesn’t, drop them and continue with your search.


While there are many other things to look for when shortlisting animated video production companies, these are the most essential. If you miss one of these, then the possibilities of getting mediocre animated explainer videos are high.