Here Are The 4 Little-Known Ways Of Educating Your Customers Through Explainer Videos.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can confirm that finding customers for your product is a harder task. However, this is not the end. Solidifying your customer base through winning their loyalty is an achievement that every entrepreneur yearns. For you to achieve this objective of retaining customers, you need to inform your clients and prospects about your products through education programs.

Explainer videos are fast becoming the best way to attract and retain customers. The videos do not only entertain and attract customers, but they also enhance the memorability and remembrance of your brand.  Here are some of the little-known ways you can use to educate your customers using explainer videos:

Introducing new customers to your product

Are you running an online store? If so, you probably receive new customers from time to time. Most of these customers do not have prior experience on online shopping. Also, even though some may have such knowledge, they need to know the ins and outs of your store to enhance their shopping experience. In this essence, you need to educate the new entrants on how to navigate your store without any handles.

Here, you need to create a getting started explainer as a way of welcoming your customers and familiarizing them with your site. By helping your customers on how to go about purchasing or using your service is critical in retaining them. No one will go back to a site with navigation challenges, and no one is available or material to guide them.

In product demonstrations

The secret of winning customers heart is to show them how to use your products or how they work. As you know, your customers need to know which problem your products are solving and how to apply it in the best practical way. In this essence, you need to craft an explainer video. The video should be short and precise. Also, product explainer videos are essential marketing materials. As such, you need to ensure you capture essential details about your products that can help customers to make a buying decision. However, these videos should be between 60-90 seconds to ensure they are memorable and attractive.

Training explainer videos

While you may think training explainer videos are the same as demonstration ones, you are wrong. For training explainers, you give detailed information about your products. Unlike in demonstrations, you focus on one aspect of your products. 

In this case, each video needs to cover one topic to avoid pumping excess information to your audience. By doing so, you will enable your customers to absorb information about your products bit by bit. This technique allows them to spend more time on your site and gradually become your regular customers.

Remember, you aim to educate your customers about the benefits, impacts, and outcomes of your brand. Also, you have a goal of ensuring the information is precise and covered in a short video clip. So, taking one topic at a time in your training explainer video can give the best results.

Snippet Tutorial explainer videos

Are you in the service industry? If so, snippet tutorial videos are an essential part of your customer training on how to use your products.  You use these videos to show how to do a particular function in your service. For instance, you can show your customers how to add a new account or email if you are offering subscription services.

Also, you can use them to show the customers how to change their themes when offering web hosting services. All in all snippet tutorial videos aim at training your customers how to do a particular function in the service you are providing to them.

And those are some of the ways you can use explainer videos in educating your customers.